Friday, April 17, 2009

Sick :(

It has been a lousy week.  I've had a terrible sore throat and cold since Tuesday.  I think I may finally be starting to feel a little better this afternoon *knocks on wood*.  I get sick far too often, it is really annoying.  If anyone has tips for boosting an immune system please post in the comments!  I'm getting desperate.  

But the nice thing about this week is my new foster bunny.  His pic is posted on Peanuts blog if you haven't already seen it.  He already has someone interested in adopting him!  He is such a sweetheart I'm not surprised.  I have to admit I wouldn't have minded keeping him around a little longer ;)  Although maybe getting adopted right away is a good thing, so this way I'll actually be able to give him up.

I'm hoping to get caught up on knitting this weekend.  So hopefully I'll be adding a bunch of new items to my Etsy store next week.  Unfortunately, this being sick has slowed me down.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New item and trouble with ladder yarn

I just listed this beautiful completed cross-stitch.

I just love it, I really enjoyed making it.  I hope someone gives it a good home :)

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  I was at the All About Pets Show in Toronto on Saturday volunteering with the Rabbit Rescue booth.  

So, I have this great ladder ribbon yarn and I have all these fabulous ideas for things to make out of it, but for some strange reason it is giving me so much trouble!  So it may be a little while before I list anything made out of it.  Look forward to scarves, cuffs and fingerless gloves!  It knits up really beautiful and lacy, I hope I master it soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

New blog!

I got into the world of blogging with a bunny blog about my rabbit Peanut.  It is rather addictive, I must say.  I started this blog just to post some things about myself and everyday life.  

I will be opening my Etsy store shortly and I can't wait to share pictures of works in progress and some of my favourites from other sellers on Etsy.  I've really gotten bitten by the Etsy bug.  I love creating things and I just love looking through all the wonderful things everyone else is making.  I spend way too much time on those forums or browsing peoples stores :)  

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend.