Friday, December 3, 2010


So far my return to running has been largely unsuccessful.  This fall I started a job working nights which really screws up your schedule!  I just never got enough sleep and couldn't find a good time to run.  However, I just got a new job and start working days again on Monday!  Hopefully I'll be able to get into a proper routine again.

I've got lots of knitting projects on the go.  Knitters out there, what is on your needles this holiday season?  I've got so many items to make for friends and family I've had to put my etsy store on hold.  Once I get caught up I hope to start really working on improving my store and hopefully sell something! ;)  Right now I'm working on a scarf as a gift and an afghan for my new house.

Finally on the bunny front, 3 of my foster bunnies have been adopted.  The 4th I'm hoping to adopt then I'm going to take a break from fostering.  I feel bad doing so, but getting the bunnies to the vet the rescue uses is just too difficult for me after moving so far away.  Also, I think 10 rabbits was just too many with all the other things I have going on.

The first bunny is Sammy, going to her new home tomorrow.  Next is Opal the one I hope to keep and the last picture is of Flynn (brown) and Fenella (white) who went to their new home a few weeks ago and are very happy!

For more pics of bunnies check out