Saturday, May 21, 2011

They're alive!

I started some pumpkins, cucumbers and watermelons indoors.  The pumpkins and cucumbers have started to sprout!  So far no watermelons have come up, hopefully they will soon.

I bought some annuals to add to the front flower bed.  Snapdragons for the back, impatiens, alyssum and dianthus for the rest of the garden.
 Here is the garden before.

 I've planted the annuals around the edges of the garden.  I hope they do well.

I'm hoping to get the vegetable garden planted this weekend.  I need some sun to get it dried out.  I was working it up Thursday and it was a muddy mess.  So far it is nice today so hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to plant.  I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!

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